Web version vs. application version

Hakkei Digital Art Cube is available in two types: web version and application version. The Web version allows you to enjoy 3D CG exhibitions for free within your current web browser, but the quality is limited to 2K or less. On the other hand, the Application version offers high-quality 4K/8K art exhibitions with ultra-high definition and ultra-high quality that cannot be experienced with the web version.  
Web version Application version
Resolution Low (2K or less) *) High (equivalent to 8K) *)
Quality/Reality Rough High quality (lighting effects, shading, museum room texture quality, jagged removal of diagonal lines, etc.)
Usage environment Works on PC/Mac web browsers (Chrome, Firefox) Install and use on PC
Cost Free Paid
*)It also depends on the resolution of the source image file.

Application version virtual museum

The application version is "SP-8011", a product of Astrodesign Co., Ltd., the company that operates this site. The features and solutions of this product are as follows. You can enjoy powerful and beautiful images on the large 8K/4K screen display.
Every detail is in high definition, including the work, frame, caption, and wall
8K solution system configuration


▶ Art exhibition using real-time computer graphics
▶ High-quality art space viewed on an 8K/4K ultra-high-definition large screen
▶ Everything is high quality, including the works, museum space, and captions
▶ Ideal for rich content in home theaters, hotels, restaurants bars, etc.
▶ Scalable from PC to 4K and 8K
▶ Realistic display of three-dimensional objects such as sculptures


▶ Providing a total exhibition environment for hardware and software
▶ Providing customized art exhibitions
▶ High-quality digitization of your artwork
▶ Collaboration with the art market and preparation of a huge amount of exhibition data using internet resources

The application version (SP-8011) is available for a fee. For inquiries about this matter to Astro Design Co., Ltd., please write "Hakkei Digital Art Cube" in the content column and press the second button to contact Astro Design Co., Ltd. Please feel free to contact us via the button below. please.