Folding screens by Tachibana Tenkai

Tachibana Tenkai was a Japanese painter who was mainly active during the Shōwa period. Born in 1906 (Meiji 39) and passed away in 1984 (Shōwa 59) at the age of 77, his life was full of dramatic events. Many of his large-scale works, such as folding screens, have traveled widely overseas. His painting style, which emphasizes Japanese tradition while pursuing originality and romance, is filled with dynamism and has a mysterious energy that conveys soul, heart, and spirit, ranging from bold folding screens overflowing with vigor and richness to delicate and charming small sparrows painted in light ink. Tenkai had a strong desire for people all over the world to see his works. His numerous energetic folding screen paintings, created without any preliminary sketches, are housed mainly in overseas museums, such as the British Museum in the UK and the Fogg Art Museum in the USA.

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Peaces & Concord
Tachibana Tenkai
Six-panel folding screen
218cm × 702cm x 2
British Museum collection

The folding screens "Peaces & Concord" is housed in the British Museum in London. It is extremely rare for a Japanese painter's work to be displayed in such a prominent overseas museum. It is a large work consisting of two six-panel folding screens, spanning a total length of 14 meters.